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Monitoring Network TM-71

Lorette Cave

Site: Lorette Cave
Country: Belgium
Coordinates: N 50°9'19,0''
E 5°13'33,0''
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Gauge count: 1
Geological situation: The Val d’Enfer scientific research laboratory in Lorette Cave is situated to the south of the town of Rochefort in the Belgium Ardennes. This site has been used as a scientific research laboratory for nearly twenty years. The cave itself has developed in Givetian limestones and comprises a network of large galleries that follow the strike direction of the stratigraphic unit together with smaller galleries that follow the dip direction. In January 2014 an optical-mechanical crack gauge was insta
fault 1
Lorette Cave 1
Course of inclination: 160 ° / Sklon: 50 °
Installation date:
Coopering institutions:
  • The Royal Observatory of Belgium
  • The University of Mons
  • References:
  • Camelbeeck, T., van Ruymbeke, M., Quinif, Y., Vandycke, S., de Kerchove, E., Ping, Z., 2012. Observation and interpretation of fault activity in the Rochefort cave (Belgium). Tectonophysics, 581, 48-61.
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      Location of the gauge TM-71