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Na Spicaku cave
(Czech republic)

Site: Na Spicaku cave
Country: Czech republic
Coordinates: N 50°17'0,42''
E 17°14'59,53''
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Gauge count: 2
Position: Touristically accessible cave approx. 7 km N of the Jesenik town, foothill of the Sokolský Ridge
Geological situation: Bohemian massif, Devonian crystalline limestone of Vrbno unit
fault 1
Na Spicaku 1
Course of inclination: 180 ° / Sklon: 82 °
Installation date: 11/2002
fault 2
Na Spicaku 2
Course of inclination: 214 ° / Inclination: 80 °
Installation date: 11/2002
Coopering institutions:
  • Cave Administration of the Czech republic (web)
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