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Knehyne abyss
(Czech republic)

Site: Knehyne abyss
Country: Czech republic
Coordinates: N 49°29'33,69''
E 18°18'46,14''
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Gauge count: 2
Position: Pseudokarst fissure cave Knehynska abyss at the Knehyne hill in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mts. It is the deepest cave in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mts., reaching to the depth of 57,5 m below surface
Geological situation: Outer West Carpathians, outer flysch belt. The cave system developed due to deep gravitational disruption along the tectonic faults. The devices are situated in central and bottom part of the cave.
Sesuv: deep-seated gravitational slope deformation in a flysh rocks
fault 1
Knehyne 1
Course of inclination: 185 ° / Sklon: 86 °
Installation date: 9/2002
fault 2
Knehyne 2
Course of inclination: 180 ° / Inclination: 90 °
Installation date: 10/2003
Coopering institutions:
  • Czech Geological Survey (web)
  • References:
  • Stemberk J., Jánoš V. (2003): Svahové deformace na Radhošťském hřebenu v Moravskoslezských Beskydech, mapové listy 25-23-09 a 25-23-10 v měřítku 1:10000. Zprávy o geol. výzkumech v roce 2002, 104 - 106, Česká geologická služba, Praha (download)
  • Picture/Photo:
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      Device Knehyne 2 across a 1,5 m wide opening at the bottom of the cave during a conference trip