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   Welcome to the webpages of the EU TecNet project!

  The EU TecNet monitoring network provides very precise measurements of tectonic creep, using a series of crack gauges known as TM-71s. More than 140 gauges are currently installed on tectonic faults within the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and across Europe. In addition, more distal sites are located in Asia and South America. Most of the devices are situated in caves where more stable climatic conditions ensure that the effects of thermal dilation are minimised. These locations also better protect the devices against natural dangers as well as human interference. (more information, contacts)

Area of Research Count of Gauges /
Count of Localities
Detail Map
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Czech republic 65 / 38 ČR
Slovakia 27 / 22 Slovensko
Slovenia 6 / 6 Slovinsko
(without Czech rep.,
Slovakia and Slovenia)
43 / 31 Evropa
Svalbard 3 / 3 Evropa
Africa 2 / 2 Afrika
Central Asia 2 / 2 Asie
South America 2 / 1 Jižní Amerika
North America 2 / 2 Severní Amerika
All localities 152 / 107 Vše