Monitorovací síť TM-71

Bisserna jeskyně

Lokalita: Bisserna jeskyně
Země: Bulharsko
Zeměpisné souřadnice: N 43°15'59,94''
E 26°53'9,24''
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Geologické poměry: The karst cave Bisserna has been formed in the Shumen karst plateau, North-East Bulgaria (Fig.1), within the eponymous Natural park. It was developed in Upper Creatatious limestone (upper Campaign-upper Maastricht), which attribute to the "Biodetric-Limestone Geo-complex", Kaylaka and Mezdren formation. It is part of the so-called. Upper Cretaceous limestone platform. It lies on the Lower Cretaceous clay-limestone platform, which is foundation on the plateau. Both platforms are real geological bodies from shallow marine genetic type - they are formed in shallow (shelf) epikontinental seas. In them they were local limestone shoals with biomorfni or depressions with clay, clay limestone or chalk typewriter. Both platforms are part of the superstructure (slippers) of Moesian plate - tectonic structure of higher order.
Monitorovaná porucha 1 Bisserna 1
Směr sklonu: 116 ° / Sklon: 90 °
Datum instalace:
Monitorovaná porucha 2 Bisserna 2
Směr sklonu: 126 ° / Sklon: 90 °
Datum instalace:
Monitorovaná porucha 3 Bisserna 3
Směr sklonu: 132 ° / Sklon: 90 °
Datum instalace:
  • Experimental Laboratory of Karstology, National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography-BAS
  • Department (Administration) of Natural Park “Shumen Plateau”, Shumen, Bulgaria Department of Geography of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography-BAS
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